Caddy lights install...

Mmmmm, caddy lights. Everyboody loves these lights. They look sick, especially on a truck. Installing them does require a bit of welding but it's well worth it. Here's a little step by step.

1- Take out the stock tail lights
2- Cut out the light support
3- Fill in the hole with a filler piece. You can make them or by them from Sir Michaels
4- Tac-weld it into place
5- Grind off the welds
6- Now take you caddy light bucket template, also from Sir Michaels, and mark out the postion
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
7- Cut out the shape you made with the template
8- Place the caddy bucket in the hole
9- Tac-weld it when it is in the right position
10- Grind off the welds
11- Sand everything down
12- Use body filler if you have any imperfections
13- Primer and paint

The finished product should look like this.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us