Got a static 5/6 drop...

Airshocks might be the just the thing you were looking for. Have you ever tried towing or hauling with a lowered truck? The frame becomes one with the road. This is where the airshocks come in. You can get these anywhere, ebay, local auto parts dealers, or used from a buddy. They only cost from 20$ to 200$ depending where you get them. The kits usually come with a small amount of line and the proper fittings. The kit should look something like this.
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These are not, by any means cheap airbag replacements. You can only get a lift of 3-5 inches tops. You also can't go any lower than the drop you already had. The lines are very small in diameter, usually a quarter inch. In other words you won't be hopping 2 feet in the air with these. They can take 15 to 60 seconds to fully inflate. They just get you out of "rip off the rollpan situations".