Rollin' with a rollpan

Nothing can smooth out a trucks body lines like removing that ugly bumper and replacing it with a rollpan. Rollpans come in various materials and shapes. You can get weld in metal ones, fiberglass ones, and even urethane ones. The thing with plastic or fiberglass rollpans is that they will never look like part of the truck because there is always a gap between the box and the rollpan itself. Metal is the way to go for a smooth look. They are a little bit harder to install because you have to weld them in, but the final result is always worth it. Most rollpans come ready to paint, so you have to get the color code of the rest of the truck and match it up. A paint shop can spray it anywhere from 10$ to 50$. You can also get different looking ones. Some have a crooked, frenched license plate box, others have the plate box on the left, some on the right, some with none. It's all up to you and your style you are going with. Here's a couple rollpans from APC to give you an idea about what is available out there. Sir Michaels also makes very nice quality steel rollpans with a near perfect fit, for any application imaginable.
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