S-10 front install...

If you want to lay frame in your s-series, you have a little work ahead of you. First of all you must get 2" drop spindles. These will run you about 200$.
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Installing these are about a good days work if you are working in your own garage. It's pretty straight forward. Sit the trucks front end on jack stands, pull the wheel off, the axle nut, and then the rotor. Now take off the tie rod end, and the upper and lower balljoints. It's very helpful to get a ball joint separator fork.
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Now pull the old spindle off the axles and replace it with the new 2'" drop one. Install is reverse of removal. You won't be doing that yet though. First you want to get a shock relocator kit. The reason you need this is because on the s-10 the shocks runs through the coil spring. The airbag replaces the spring therefore you need to relocate the shocks. I know some people who just take the shocks right out, but the ride quality would be comparable to driving on the moon. So please keep them in, for your sake. Ok now you can go ahead and put your airbag with brackets in place of the spring. S-10 front end kit looks like this.
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You should use Firestone 2500 bags, because they require little or no spring pocket modification. Once the bag is in just run the airlines and put everything back together. Once the tires back on and everything is on the ground, check around the bags from clearance issues. Bags pop easily when they rub on something. While you're down there, check for any leaks on the lines or the
bags themselves. Now, get yourself a phone and call a tow-truck to go get an alignment. Chances are, unless you're lucky, that the wheels are pointing at different angles, but don't worry about that, new spindle installs usually always need an alignment. So now you're laying frame, well not yet. If you're running a large tire/rim combo, then the wheels might hit the inside of the wheel well before the frame gets a chance to hit ground. So, if you want to cut the wheelwells out go ahead. You could also just relocate them higher for the clearance. Well that's about all I can tell you about baggin' the front. Feel free to comment if I missed anything important.